I invented my creative colorful book stands to promote literacy in kids. They are designed for virtual and in-person storytimes. You can turn pages easily. They can hold books of any size, even oversized or thick books! But they can do more than just stories!


My handmade wooden book stands are beautifully decorated. They are decorated with acrylic paints or mixed media. They are durable and can hold heavy and thick books, or even oversized books, because of their adjustable angles! That is how they are different from other competitors whose book stands are flat! Check out my ETSY shop.


My handmade fabric book stands are beautifully decorated. Believe it or not, they are made of cardboard. They are always covered with fabric for protection. They are super kid-friendly and eco-friendly, because they are lightweight! Textile art is among my favorite hobbies for this type of product.


Martha K., Director & CEO, QualityMetrics

I thoroughly enjoyed doing my story reading time at St George’s using Krystallo’s bookstand. It freed my hands and helped me be more expressive with the kids. I think these bookstands are valuable to all the story readers in libraries and in schools! They are colorful and their themes are attractive and inspiring!

Travas Y., Visiting Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University

I often reached for something like this when I read stories with my young children. Some of the things I grabbed worked, but often they didn’t. Krystallo’s bookstands look like they will work with lots of different books. All parents can benefit from a more visual approach to reading. My wife, Ruth, does lap time storytelling at our local library. She could use some of these bookstands. One of the reasons Ruth is one of the only people that seems to be able to keep lap-babies and toddlers engaged in storytime is that she will often free her hands and involve the young children more actively in the story. We often don’t realize we reinforce the meaning of words with gestures when we interact with children. When we fail to do this when we read, our most visually oriented children can become disengaged from stories that would otherwise hold their interest. I am always impressed by well designed applications of simple technologies. Two big thumbs for an innovative bookstand to make reading more engaging for children, especially for Deaf children.